Product Design – Shout with a whisper

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Read a great post by design firm Antrepo – A2591, titled the minimalist effect in the maximalist market.  I’m a sucker for neat, minimalist designs, maybe because I’m not really able to do busy design very well.  In this article they take the design of common household items and strip them down to the bare essentials.  It’s a fun gallery to look through.

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While aesthetically I love the minimalist re-designs of these packages, I fear most of them would be headed down the same road as Tropicana, who’s re-branding was an abysmal failure.  Believe it or not, you like being shouted to at the grocery store.

Tried and True

Abysmal Failure 101

So I guess the message here is that you should find a happy medium with product design.  Sometimes a whisper is more effective than a shout, and some times it just turns out like this:

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